Meet Our Team

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Holly Mangelsen


  We think it’s time the Rochester area had a local store dedicated to creative home cooks and those that aspire to be. Cook’s Pantry is locally owned and was created with this in mind. We carry a well curated selection of kitchenware, cutlery, electrics, textiles and more, along with a knowledgeable staff of passionate cooks and foodies! My name is Holly (Erickson) Mangelsen. I am a local girl born and raised in Stewartville, MN. My husband Jake, from Siren, WI and I have two daughters, Hannah & Grace. My passion for cooking came from my mom. My favorite childhood memories are of me waking up on holiday mornings smelling an amazing multi-course dinner being lovingly prepared. I would watch the holiday parade or football game with my Dad while we eagerly waited for the meal. The table was set and decorated as beautifully as the plate of food. Just as I have wonderful memories involving food and family, which inspired my love of cooking, my vision is for Cook’s Pantry to inspire our customers to create beautiful memories with their family and friends.

Rhonda Gendron


  I moved back to Rochester because of the Beauty of the city and the Opportunities it has to offer. I have always loved cooking for my family and friends and hanging out around the kitchen just enjoying their company. Working at Cook’s Pantry now has given me the opportunity to share some of my experiences with our customers and continue to learn more about the culinary world through some of the cooking classes that Cook’s Pantry has to offer.

Bonnie Flodin


  I grew up in the kitchen. Both of my parents were fantastic cooks, and from the time I could hold a wooden spoon, I was right next to them stirring (or making a mess!) or helping them however I could. They instilled in me a desire to be creative with my food and to share that creativity with others. I love preparing meals or treats for those around me. I am grateful that I get to work at a great store like Cook’s Pantry. It allows me to keep learning new techniques and ideas in the kitchen. My favorite part of this job is working with our customers and helping them find the right products for them. I love helping them understand what all of our gadgets, pans and knives are meant for and figuring out what they truly need to be successful in the kitchen.

Bridget Whitney

Assistant Manager

  Hello! My name is Bridget. I love my job, love helping people as they come into Cook’s Pantry! It’s amazing the passion so many people have for cooking and baking. I like to cook and bake myself and am starting to teach my children as well. Cook’s Pantry is a wonderful place!
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